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SkinCult was born from an obsession to create a global brand of niche, performance based skincare that would compliment your favorite line and become your GO-TO, must-have products!

The fascination with peeling gels that are all too common in Korea and Japan yet not used very much in the states, led to the first SkinCult creation, “Surface Smoothing Gel.” This product is absolutely a must  have on your shelf!

With Korea and Japan starting to lead the world in skincare, strictest quality standards and cutting edge science, it only seemed fitting to create this product overseas!

The standard for beautiful skin never changes, it will always exude a FRESH and YOUTHFUL GLOW, and anyone at any age can have GORGEOUS skin. The accumulation of dead surface cells can cause a dull look to skin, and over stimulating with scrubs, chemical peels and lasers are not always the answer to daily build up.

SkinCult’s “Surface Smoothing Gel,” will aid in quick, instant, non abrasive  removal of  daily build up of  dead surface cells,. Revealing FRESH skin and a GLOW you will become obsessed with!

SkinCult is on a mission to create, find, and bring only the best, exciting, can’t live without “Cult Status” skincare products to you, our most valued asset!

We hope you’re as obsessed as we are!